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Mama & Sweet Pea

Milking Mama Bundle

Milking Mama Bundle

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A lovingly curated bundle of essentials for breastfeeding mamas packaged in the beautiful custom made Mama & Sweet Pea gift box that has endless uses.

Bundle includes:

* Mumasil Silicone Breast Pump: this one-piece silicone design is lightweight, compact and easy to clean, making it the perfect pump for busy mums on-the-go. The quiet and lightweight design also allows for simultaneous use while your baby feeds from the other breast. 


  • To start suction, gently squeeze and hold towards the bottom of the pump (in line with the 30ml mark).
  • Then place the pump over your breast and make sure the nipple is centred.
  • Slowly release the squeezed base and your silicone breast pump should be suctioned to the breast, ready to catch every drop of your precious breast milk.

* Mumasil Deluxe Breastmilk Collection Shells: Do you ever worry about losing breast milk throughout the day? With these Collection Shells, you can effortlessly catch every drop of your "liquid gold" for later use! Simply slip these eco-friendly, reusable shells inside your nursing bra. As you nurse your baby on one side, the Collection Shells collect any milk that would otherwise be lost in your bra or nursing pads.

* Mumasil Hot/Cold Gel Breast Packs: the solution for nursing mothers seeking natural and effective relief from common breastfeeding challenges. These breast packs offer dual therapy with both hot and cold therapy options to relieve pain associated with engorgement, swelling, mastitis, and blocked milk ducts as well as warm therapy to help enhance milk flow.

* EcoNaps Nursing Pads: Made from super soft and eco-friendly fibres, these bamboo nursing pads help you avoid surprise leaks on the go. These breast pads are designed to sit seamlessly within your bra or nursing top. An absolute must have for any new mama!

* Mama and Sweet Pea 'You've got this Mama' gift box.


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