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Mama & Sweet Pea

New Mama Bundle

New Mama Bundle

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A Lovingly curated collection of beautiful and practical products that makes the perfect gift for every new mama made extra special packaged in a custom made Mama & Sweet Pea "You've got this Mama" gift box that has endless uses, particularly with a new born.

Bundle includes:

* Hotmilk My Necessity (black or Frappe) is a luxurious multi-fit seamless bra with removable foam cups and a side sling support. It is an essential in your hospital bag, great for sleeping in and ideal for those cosy days where comfort is all you want!

This is a soft support style with no seams for the ultimate in comfort, and a flexible fit that will expand 2-3 cup sizes to offer total comfort and flexibility for your changing size throughout your pregnancy and for postpartum changes.

My Necessity REGULAR is designed for the smaller bust from an A to an E cup.  If you are bigger than an E cup, purchase our FULL CUP style. email for sizes.

* Franjos Kitchen Tanker Topper Biscuits (Choc Chip) (GF available): These lactation cookies are a best seller, they're delicious and ABSOLUTELY good for you! These lactation cookies will load you up with essential vitamins, minerals and good fats giving you the energy you need to deal with sleep deprivation, poonamis and the dreaded witching hour. They’re also packed with galactagogues – ingredients that have been used for centuries to support a healthy milk supply - email for GF option.

* EcoNaps Nursing Pads: Made from super soft and eco-friendly fibres, these bamboo nursing pads help you avoid surprise leaks on the go. These breast pads are designed to sit seamlessly within your bra or nursing top. An absolute must have for any new mama!

* Mama & Bird Mama Balm: A creamy daily use balm created with nourishing natural ingredients to help soothe, condition and protect nipples for more comfortable nursing. Mama Balm beautifully blends the nurturing and restorative qualities of a traditional nipple cream, with the barrier protection benefits of a modern balm. Australian Certified vegan, cruelty free, toxic-free & made safe.  

* Mama and Sweet Pea 'You've got this Mama' gift box.


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