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Cuppies - 999 Silver Nursing Cups

Cuppies - 999 Silver Nursing Cups

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A breastfeeding essential to enhance, enable, embrace and enjoy! Get some "Cuppies for your puppies" to enhance the breastfeeding experience and reduce stress with the healing powers of silver – naturally!

Handcrafted from 99.9% silver and nickel and copper free, these TGA approved, medical grade nursing cups are designed to the anatomical shape to conform with the nipple. Using the healing powers of silver, they help protect and repair nipples and surrounding skin that can become sore, cracked and sensitive from breastfeeding. 

Studies on silver have revealed that the precious metal has ions with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial benefits. These potent agents efficiently work to make an environment to encourage wound healing.

We recommend wearing our Cuppies 24/7 for two weeks prior to breastfeeding and for at least two weeks after birth between every breast feed as a preventative measure to nipple trauma associated with breastfeeding. Please note they are not to be used in conjunction with any other product for treatment of the nipple such as a nipple balm as this creates a barrier for the silver and may affect it's healing powers. 

Another benefit of our Cuppies are their ability to retain breastmilk contact with the nipple, enhancing their effectiveness and allowing any cracks to heal quickly with the aid of your liquid gold! 

Our Cuppies are unique to others on the market as they are made of 999 silver, have an elegant polished mirror finish with our beautiful logo engraved on the outer, with the inner of the cup left as a natural silver finish for optimum healing power. 

Australian Therapeutic Goods Article Number 409940

Always consult your healthcare provider if symptoms persist.


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